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To protect consumer information and privacy, uses a Secure transaction provider and DOES NOT RETAIN ANY PAYMENT CARD NUMBERS (e.g. MasterCard, Visa, etc...) in its databases. All Golf Deals Club Website communications, transactions and personal information exchanges are conducted within a SECURE ENCRYPTED ENVIRONMENT. Other parties connected to the Internet or World Wide Web are restricted from viewing any information exchanged with this site.

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Individual facility policies apply

Each facility has its own rules that apply to rain-outs, tee time availability, booking policies, course conduct, dress code, etc... . It is beyond the scope of to list each individual facility's policies and rules.

It is the purchasers responsibility to determine the facility's policies and rules before obtaining a certificate for that facility.

All sales are final

The sole role of in any Certificate transactions is as a reseller for golf facilities. As such the obligation rests solely upon the individual facility to fulfill each Certificate according to their policies and guidelines and the Certificate validity. has no direct control over the facilities it serves and as such is unable to issue refunds once a Certificate has been purchased.

It is the purchasers responsibility not to give the redemption code to anyone but the applicable facility at the time of redemption.

If, while following the guidelines of the facility's internal policies and a Certificate details, you have any issues with redemption at a facility please contact us at

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