Golf Deals Club


Get paid more than rack rate for golf specials

Access over 23,349 Southern Ontario Golfers

Ask yourself this:

  • Are you getting paid for ALL pre-sales, including those that never get redeemed?

  • Are you losing out on an extra 10% to 24% profit on your existing sales?

  • Are you driving golfers to your website and email data base sign-ups with your marketing?


Here's what we offer:

    1. DIRECT MONTHLY DEPOSIT to your bank account for ALL sales:

      • Un-redeemed certificate profits (10% to 24%) go directly to you.

        • Never get back charged for any un-redeemed sales.

      • Unused/expired certificates pay for the service.

        • You can make more than rack rate by discounting slow tee times.

    2. Prominent link directly to your website:

      • Advertise your facility and information.

      • Accelerate email sign-up to your email campaigns.

      • Includes live Geo map of your location.

    3. Ultra simple sales and marketing:

      • 24/7 authentication and redemption tagging.

      • No programs or software to install.

      • Secure cloud based portal can be accessed from any device.

      • Instant view of original certificate PDFs

        • Contains all options and restrictions.

        • Included bar code for scanning.

      • Live log of all redeemed v/s un-redeemed sales.

Promote, advertise and market your facility as we take care of all the tech and labour with external golf promotion partners.

Contact us anytime at with questions, for more information and/or a no obligation proof.



Don't believe us, ask our clients...

Grand Valley Golf & Country Club

Galt, ON, Canada

2-some with Cart, Lunch and Replay



! No Added Fees !

2024 Niagara Golf Show

Niagara Falls, ON, Canada

2 for 1 at 2024 Niagara Golf Show



! No Added Fees !

Timber Ridge Golf Course

Brighton, ON, Canada

36 Hole 2-some Power Cart Included



! No Added Fees !

Willow Tree Golf

Strathroy, ON, Canada

Two players with Cart



! No Added Fees !

Royal Stouffville Golf Course

Stouffville, ON, Canada

18 Holes with Cart Range Balls and Replay



! No Added Fees !

Grand Valley Golf & Country Club

Galt, ON, Canada

5 Rounds with Cart and Sausage



! No Added Fees !

Willow Greens Golf Course

Willow Beach, ON, Canada

9 Hole Twosome with Pull Carts



! No Added Fees !